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Hello! I am a photographer and writer, shooting and writing about cool people, the environment and almost anything to do with outdoors and nature. I have been happily wandering the mountains, rivers and coasts in search of the perfect location for my editorial, advertising and documentary work for the past 20 years. I am also working on a novel for young people about a young girl on a mystical quest to find herself.

In my work I look for the authentic, the poetic and the true.

Some of my happy work collaborations have been with the likes of WNC Magazine, Outside, Powder, LL Bean, American Skiing Company, Sunday River, Skiing, The New York Times, North American River Runners and Snowshoe Mountain.

Do you want to hire me? Buy pictures, words, prints, cards?

email me at sharon@sharonmcneill.com or call me at 828.450.0109

Let’s create something amazing together.


2 Comments to “about & contact”

  1. Enjoyed you photos and writing. Ms Johns photos and article were a real find for my wife and I. Her picture is timeless. She hasn’t changed in 45 years… I look forward to seeing and reading more of you creations.

  2. Wow Sharon – what a gorgeous spot to land your blog is. Between the beautiful photos, thoughtful words and oh so inspiring posts – I fell like I went on a wonderful journey…

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