I am at work on my young adult novel, tentatively titled Peregrin’s Journey, the story of a girl who finds herself in a mystery that spans lifetimes. As she prepares to travel from New York City to Ocracoke Island, a small piece of the puzzle surrounding her birth, deep in the Balkan mountains, is revealed. And she is given the only link to her past, an obsidian necklace. Along the way she connects with a real sea creature that is steeped in myth, and close to extinction. And she finds herself transported to a past life in Crete where her alter-ego, Halimede is continuing her mother’s studies of the seas and the stars.
Peri and Halimede are two of the Seven Sisters, connected by a common thread that link ancient and modern wisdom: an obsidian necklace. The Sisters are united throughout all time by the principles of compassion, harmony, conservation, oneness, intuition, creativity, peace. In this life, Peri is being called upon to use the wisdom of the Seven Sisters to answer the question that has always been with her: Who am I? And solving this mystery could transform and even, save, the world.


One Comment to “words”

  1. I clicked on your web-sight to contact you for the name and contact info for the folks that bought your and Frank’s house. I want to ask them if they would sell the rubber footing from Kate’s arena to me.
    Having said that…..I have sat mesmorized by your photography.You have truly been blessed with a gift…..
    It appears all is well with your spirit and soul. Likewise for me. I taught my last lesson August 2009. Having sat out the required year from teaching or training I petitioned the USEF for Amatuer status and received my card last week. It has been a journey to say the least and feel good about mentoring several amazing young women as they have discovered things about themselves through “the horse”. One of my students is riding with the dressage team at Mt. Holyoke. Through her success I feel validated as an instructor. I continue traveling to train and will start competing this spring for the confirmation of my training.
    Jeremy and family are well. Jon finished his residency in Internal Medicine and is now in an Infectious Disease Fellowship at WVU. Bob is well also.
    Anxiously awaiting your book. Will this be an e-book or on paper? I enjoy my Kindle but so love the feel of a book in my hands.
    Take care,
    Judy Stanley
    PS A name and contact info. Thanks.

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