sawabona, South Africa

South Africa has 11 official languages (not to mention the unofficial ones), which becomes evident as you travel around the country. It seemed like you could always hear three languages mixed together. I especially loved the subtle clicking language of the Xhosa, and the poetic Zulu greetings, like Sawabona (I see you), yebo (oh, yeah!), and hamba kahle (go gently).
Where do I begin about this trip? Perhaps simply with some photos, and, yebo, there will be many more, and oh so many stories, to come.

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ps, Happy Birthday, sis…. or should I say monkey whisperer


4 Comments to “sawabona, South Africa”

  1. So? What did you two do to the lion? She looks very, very angry.

  2. she was actually yawning :)

  3. Sharon – what can I say but wish we were back there. Photos are great! Glad to have had a pro in our midst.

  4. Hi cousin-

    Just talking to Lisa and she told me to look at your blog. Your photos are great! Glad it was such a wonderful trip.

    Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Anniversary!

    Love, Diane

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