the partnership concept

I’m reading Rianne Eisler’s Tomorrow’s Children, and really love her ideas on partner vs. dominator roles in education. She has outlined this concept with her books on economics, relationships, history. The first of her books I read (and that changed my life) was The Chalice and the Blade, that shows how some ancient societies functioned well in an egalitarian, partnership system. Further, that much of what we consider our history, is really an interpretation put forth to serve the agenda of dominator societies. Then the brilliant Real Wealth of Nations that really delivers a blueprint for a better, more equitable world by developing a “caring economics” that transcends traditional categories like capitalist and socialist, offering enormous economic and social benefits. And now, with Tomorrow’s Children, Eisler shows that a flourishing society can really begin with our children, by teaching them partnership, respect and global understanding.
It’s a scholarly, humanistic approach to addressing the issues of our times.


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