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February 11, 2011

beautiful monsters

Guillermo Del Toro makes the most beautifully morbid monsters. This video from a recent New Yorker article shows the exquisite sketchbooks where his creatures originate. I loved (and was horrified by) Pan’s Labyrinth.
(From wikipedia), In 2009, in an interview with Charlie Rose, del Toro described his Roman Catholic upbringing as excessively “morbid,” saying “I mercifully lapsed as a Catholic, I say, but as Buñuel used to say, “I’m an atheist, thank God.” Though insisting he’s spiritually “not with Buñuel” and that “once a Catholic, always a Catholic, in a way,” he followed by saying, “I believe in man. I believe in mankind, as the worst and the best that has happened to this world.”