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March 12, 2011

young braves

I spend much of my time with the fascinating, bewildering, beguiling creatures known as pre-teen girls. And I am discovering something very quiet but, I think, very big happening. I am seeing their bravery every day. In staying innocent, in liking your music no matter what others say, in confronting bullies, in vulnerability, tears, speaking your fears. I see a deep intuition in my daughter which reminds me that we all start with it, but often don’t believe in it and so, let it go. I am learning that it is courageous to feel things deeply, talk about them, change them if needed, and stand in your own shoes. I love the questions they ask, and the answers they offer up. There is attitude, too. A ten-year-old today is like a 15-year-old in my day. I think kids need limits, and they are always testing out the edges. Don’t we all. But I am feeling great hope for kids, in their innocence and natural wisdom and openness.