the blissologist

Eoin Finn is a yogi and surfer who’s blissology project encourages a commitment to six aspect for 30 days; yoga, meditation, food awareness, nature appreciation, gratitude and a wild card that changes each week.
I actually found him through his awesome free Blissology yoga podcasts on iTunes. The podcasts offer up a variety of yoga classes, from short & sweet, to a full-on 90 minute, even a great pranamaya breathing session.
Here area few nugget of wisodon from Eoin’s Happiness Map:
You are about to become all you are thinking.
Listen to the intelligence of the body.
Close your eyes often and Feel the vibrations of life.
Feedback from your body will tell you whether you are being present or not.
Celebrate the Animal and the Angel in you.  Love is the Ultimate Renewable Resource.


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